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The catalog of models of CASIO Best sellers in the 80s

The technical features common to all four models are:

  • Electric lighting of the dial: An electro-luminescent panel allows the face to glow for easy reading;

  • Stopwatch (1/100 - 1 hour): are measured elapsed time, split time and the final time with a precision of 1/100 of a second, up to a maximum of one hour;

  • Alarm, Hourly Time Signal: The daily alarm sounds each day at the appointed time. The value indicates how many daily alarms are available. The hourly time signal watch to beep every hour;

  • Battery Life: The battery supplies the watch for approx. 7 years;

  • Calendar: The calendar automatically updates the day depending on the month. The leap year must be adjusted manually;

  • 12/24 hours: The time can be displayed in either 12 or 24 hours;

  • Case material: resin box;

  • Water resistance classification: (WR) to DIN 8310 / ISO 2281.
    This model is water resistant to DIN 8310 / ISO 2281, and thus minor splashing. Avoid a contact with a larger quantity of water;

  • Accuracy: + / -30 seconds per month;

  • Type of battery: CR2016;

  • Dimensions: approx. 38.6 mm x 36.3 mm x 9.6 mm (H x W x D);

  • Weight: about 50 g;

  • WARRANTY: 24 months.