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Brief history of CASIO Ltd.

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is a company that produces electronic products, founded in 1946, the headquarters is located in the Japanese capital Tokyo.

Casio is known for its calculators, watches, cameras, audio equipment and synthesizers such as, for example, the Casio vl-1. It was the first company to market a compact all-electronic calculator.

The Casio is the first of the four major Japanese companies for the production of watches, the world leader in digital watches and LCD also produces in hands.

Based on the characteristics, the Casio watches are divided into series.

The most famous are the series G-Shock (characterized by high resistance to mechanical stress, to electrical and electromagnetic fields, also by posting dichroic, high durability and water resistance out of the ordinary), and the PRO-TREK (short for Professional Trekking, which indicates the number of accessories such as watches with compass, barometer, altimeter, thermometer, depth etc..).

Lately however are catching G-Shock models with mixed functions of the PRO-TREK, such as casio g / gw 9300 or the model g / gw 9200.

Other series are the Baby-G (similar to the G-Shock series, but aimed at a female audience), the EDIFICE (watches and chronographs with hands or hands hybrid / LCD), Sea-Pathfinder (acting addressed water use such as calculation of lunar phases and tides, timer for racing etc..) and Phys (able to function as a heart rate monitor and electronic trainer)

The greatest development of the company took place in January 1983, when it launched the first digital watch series G-Shock, and later, in March 1998, when it was launched with the PRO-TREK with PRT40-BV.

All Casio watches use only the quartz movement. The electrical power required for operation is supplied from a battery or from the normal system "Tough Solar", where a small solar panel is integrated in the quadrant and, when exposed to light, generates a current that charges a battery buffer, thus eliminating the need to replace the battery when you download.

Some watches are marked on the functionality Wave Ceptor, Casio trade name under which refers to radio control: The date and time are automatically synchronized with a clock signal, based on precise atomic clocks provided by specific broadcast stations located in various parts of the globe.

Casio watches in Italy is mainly synchronize with the signal generated by DCF77, located in Germany near Frankfurt.

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